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Calendar for future meetings Intensive Care, Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia


Corresponding author: * Corresponding author:
George Silvay, M.D., Ph.D.,
Editor, Professor of Anesthesiology,
Department of Anesthesiology,
Mount Sinai Medical Center,
1 Gustave L. Levy Place,
Box 1010, New York, NY 10029-6574.

E-mail: george.silvay@mountsinai.org



October 1-5. 25th Annual Meeting European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery. Lisbon, Portugal. For information contact: www.eacts.org



October 2-5. The 11th Biennial Cardiothoracic and Vascular Perfusion Conference. Hamilton Island, Australia. For information contact: E-mail: koconnor@anzca.edu.au 



October 6-8. 18th International Congress of the Czech Society of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Prague, Czech Republic. For information contact: www.csarim2011.cz 



October 9-12. 12th Edition Venice 2011 Arrhythmias. Venice, Italy. For information contact: www.venicearrhythmias.org 



October 15-19. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. For information, contact: ASA, 520 N. Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068. Website; www.ASAhq.org 



November 7-8. Surgery of the thoracic aorta. Bologna, Italy. For information, contact: Noema, Via Orefici 4, 40124 Bologna, Italy. Email:

info@noemacongresci.it , www.noemacongressi.it 



December 9-11. 65th Postgraduate Assembly, New York State Society of Anesthesiologists. New York, NY. For information, contact: NYSSA, 85 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003. Email: hq@nyssa-pga.org





January 15-20. 30th Annual Symposium: Clinical Update In Anesthesiology, Surgery and Perioperative Medicine with International Faculty and Industrial Exhibits. Rio Mar, Beach Resort & Spa, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. For information: E-mail: marc.stone@mountsinai.org



January 30 - February 1. 48th Annual Meeting Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For information contact: www.sts.org



February 4-6. The 6th World Congress – World Institute of Pain. Miami Beach, Florida. For information: E-mail: wip@kenes.com



February 12-17. 57th Annual Update in Anesthesiology.University of Utah. Park City. For information E-mail: chris.harber@hsc.utah.edu 



March 20-23. 32nd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Brussels, Belgium. For information contact:




March 25-30.15th World Congress of Anesthesiologists. Buenos Aires, Argentina. For information, contact: www.wca2012.com 



April 25-28. The 61st International Congress of the European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery. Dubrovnik, Croatia. For

information: E-mail: escvs-dubrovnik2012@globtour.hr



April 28 - May 2. 34th Annual Meeting & Workshops Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Boston, MA. For information: www.scahq.org



April 28 - May 2. 92nd Annual Meeting American Association for Thoracic Surgery. Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, CA.

For information, contact: www.aats.org 



May 23-25. EACTA - European Association of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia. For information contact: www.eacta.org 



June 7-9. 2nd International Congress: Anesthesia for Seniors. Prague, Czech Republic. For information: www.anesthesiaforseniors2012.cz 



June 10-13. 20th European Congress on General Thoracic Surgery. Essen, Germany. For information contact: Email: sue@ests.org.uk 



October 13-17. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. For information contact: www.ASAhq.org 



November 14-17. 13th International Meeting of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia and the New Zealand Anesthesia Annual Scientific

Meeting. Auckland, New Zealand. For information contact: www.iccva2012.com 



December 14-18. 66th Postgraduate Assembly, New York State Society of Anesthesiologists. New York, NY. For information E-mail: www.nyssa-pga.org 



December (DTBA). 5th International Congress: Aortic Surgery and Anesthesia: “How to do it”. Milano, Italy.For information contact: www.aorticsurgery.it