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Calendar for future meetings Intensive Care, Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia


Corresponding author: * Corresponding author:
George Silvay, M.D., Ph.D.,
Editor, Professor of Anesthesiology,
Department of Anesthesiology,
Mount Sinai Medical Center,
1 Gustave L. Levy Place,
Box 1010, New York, NY 10029-6574.

E-mail: george.silvay@mountsinai.org



January 15-20. 30th Annual Symposium: Clinical Update in Anesthesiology, Surgery and Perioperative Medicine, with International Faculty. Rio Mar Beach Resort, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. For information: www.clinicalupdateinanesthesiology.org



February 11. Roland Hetzer International Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Society 2nd Expert Forum, Colombi Hotel, Freiburg, Germany. For information: delmo-walter@dhzb.de



February 10-12. 58th Annual Meeting of Indian Association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons, Kolkata, India. For information: www.iacts2012.com



March 3-10. 30th Cardiovascular Symposium in Zurs. Zurs, Austria. For information: office@kaytrix.at; www.kaytrix.at



March 20-23. 32nd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. Brussels, Belgium. Inf.: Eramus University Hospital, Route de Len- nik 808, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium. For information: veronique. de.ulaemick@nlb.ac.be; www.intensive.care



March 25-30. 15th World Congress of Anesthesiologists. Buenos Aires, Argentina. For information: www.wca2012.com



April 25-28. The 61st International Congress of The European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery. Dubrovnik, Croatia. For information: escvs-dubrovnik2012@globtour.hr



April 26-27. Aortic Symposium 2012. New York, NY. For information: www.aats.org/aortic/



April 27-28. Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium. Boston, MA. For information: www.scshq.org



April 28-May 2. 34th Annual Meeting & Workshops Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists. Boston, MA. For information: www.scahq.org



April 28-May 2. 92nd Annual Meeting Association of Thoracic Surgeons. San Francisco, California. For information: www.aats.org 



May 18-21. International Anesthesia Research Society – Annual Meeting, Boston,MA. For information: www.iars.org 



May 23-25. EACTA-European Association of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For information: www.eacta.org



May 27-31. Roland Hetzer International Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Society 3rd Expert Forum, Shanghai, China. For information: delmo-walter@dhzb.de



June 7-9. 2nd International Congress: Anesthesia for Seniors, Prague, Czech Republic. For information: www.anesthesiaforseniors2012.cz 



June 10-13. 20th European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery. Essen, Germany. For information: sue@esta.org.uk 



June 27-30. 15th World Congress of Pain Clinicians. Granada, Spain. For information: WSPC2012@kenes.com 



August 11-13. International Forum of Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Chinese Heart Congress. Beijing, China. For information: www.CHCIFCA2012 



September 13-15. XIX Annual Congress Czech Society of Anesthesiology and Critical Medicine. Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. For in-

formation: www.csarim2012.cz 



September 14-16. Let’s talk about tomorrow’s anesthesia. The 17th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology. Sendai, Japan. For information: jscva2012@convention.co.jp and Dr. T. Kawamura e-mail: t_kawamura@snh.go.jp



October 13-17. ASA Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. For information: meetings@asahq.org



October 27-31. Roland Hetzer International Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Society 4th Expert Forum, Barcelona, Spain. For information: delmo-walter@dhzb.de



November 14-17. 13th International Meeting of Cardiothoracic and Vas- cular Anesthesia and the New Zealand Anesthesia Annual Scientific Meeting. Auckland, New Zealand. For information: www.iccva2012.com george.silvay@mountsinai.org



November 14-16. 2nd International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery. Barcelona, Spain. For information: http://thoracicsurgery2012.org/



December 14-18. 66th Postgraduate Assembly, New York State of An- esthesiologists. New York, NY. For information: www.nyssa-pga.org



December 14-15. 5th International Congress: Aortic Surgery and Anes- thesia “How to do it”. Milano, Italy. For information: www.aorticsurgery.it