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Calendar for future meetings Intensive Care, Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia


Corresponding author: * Corresponding author:
George Silvay, M.D., Ph.D.,
Editor, Professor of Anesthesiology,
Department of Anesthesiology,
Mount Sinai Medical Center,
1 Gustave L. Levy Place,
Box 1010, New York, NY 10029-6574
E-mail: george.silvay@mountsinai.org








June 12-15. ASAIO 59th Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. Info: www.asaio.com


June 12-15. European Congress on Extracorporeal Circulation Technology. Toledo, Spain. Info: www.fecect.org


June 21-24. 28th Congress Society of Vascular Surgery Nice, France. Info: www.vasculaire.com


June 21-29. Canadian Anesthesiologists Meeting.Calgary, Alberta    Info: meetings@cas.co


June 23-27. 20th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Seoul, Korea. Info: www.iagg2013.org


August 9-13. Adult Multi-Professional Critical Care Review Washington, DC. Info: www.sccm.org


September 7-10. EACTA Echo 2013. Montpellier, France. Info: p-colson@chu-montpellier.fr


September 19-21. XX Annual Congress Czech Society of Anesthesiology and Critical Medicine. Brno, Czech Republic. Info: www.csarim2013.cz


September 26-28. 2013 Heart Valve Summit. Chicago, IL. Info: www.aats.org/valve


October 3-5. 10th Meeting of Asian Society Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologists. Singapore. Info: www.singhealthacademy.edu.sg


October 5-9. 26th Annual Conference European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Paris, France. Info: congassist@esicm.org


October 5-9. Vienna, Austria. RHICS 6th Expert Forum (EACTS).Info: www.dhzb.de/veranstalltungen


October 12-16. ASA Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA. Info: www.asahq.org


October 17-20. 31 ½ Symposium: Clinical Update in Anesthesiology, Surgery and Perioperative Medicine. Las Vegas, NV. Info: george.silvay@mountsinai.org


November 4-8. Hanzshou, China. RHICS 7th Expert Forum. Info: www.dhzb.de/veranstalltungen


November 8-10. The 8th Biennial Mechanical Circulatory Support Symposium. Berlin, Germany. Info: shuebler@dhzb.de


November 29-30. 3rd International Fluid Academy Antwerp, Belgium. Info: www.fluid-academy.org


December 4-5. 5th Annual International Congress of Cardiology (ICC-2013). Rome, Italy. Info: www.bitlifesciences.com/icc2013


December 13-17. 67th Postgraduate Assembly, New York State of Anesthesiologists. New York, NY. Info: www.nyssa-pga.org




January 20-25. 32nd Annual Symposium: Clinical Update in Anesthesiology,Surgery and Perioperative Medicine. Atlantis Resort. The Paradise Island, Bahamas. Info: george.silvay@mountsinai.org
Info: www.clinicalupdateinanesthesiology.org


March 26-27. 3rd Annual Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium New Orleans, LA. Info: www.scahq.org


March 27-April 3. 36th Annual Meeting & Workshops Society of Cardiac Anesthesia. New Orleans, LA. Info: www.scahq.org


April 24-26. 61st Annual Meeting Association of University Anesthesiologists. Stanford, CA. Info: www.AUAhq.org


June 11-12. EACTA Annual Meeting. Gothenberg, Sweden. Info: www.aorticsurgery.it


June 15-18. 22nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery Copenhage, Denmark. Info: sue@ests.org.uk


September 17-19. 29th Joint ECTA-ICCVA Meeting, Florence Italy. Info: www.eacta.org. E-mail: fabiodoc64@hotmail.com



December 2014. 6th International Congress: Aortic Surgery and Anesthesia. “How to Do It”, Italy. Info: www.aorticsurgery.it




April 30-May 2. 62nd Annual Meeting Association of University Anesthesiologists. Nashville, TN. Info: www.AUAhq.org


June 11-12. EACTA Annual Meeting. Gothenberg, Sweden. Info: anne.westerlind@medfak.se




August 28-September 2. 16th World Congress of Anesthesiologists Hong Kong. Info: www.WCA2016.com




September 2020. 7th World Congress of Anesthesiologists Prague, Czech Republic. Info: www.csarim2020.cz




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