Volume 2 - N. 3 2010

Anesthesia needs large international clinical trials
G.A. Lurati Buse, P.J. Devereaux


'A trouble shared is a trouble halved': how the Medical Humanities can help doctors to care while they cure
M. John, A. Zangrillo


Cytokines in the systemic inflammatory response syndrome: a review
U. Jaffer, R.G. Wade, T. Gourlay


Open repair of descending thoracic aneurysms
R. Chiesa, Y. Tshomba, E. Civilini, E.M. Marone, L. Bertoglio, D. Baccellieri, G. Coppi, D. Logaldo, G. Melissano


Arterial pCO2 changes during thoracoscopic surgery with CO2 insufflation and one lung ventilation
D.T.T. Tran, N.H. Badner, G. Nicolaou, W. Sischek


Kinetic of procalcitonin in patients with cardiogenic shock following acute myocardial infarction: preliminary data
C. Picariello, C. Lazzeri, M. Chiostri, G.F. Gensini, S. Valente


Erroneously low continuous ScvO2 reading due to red blood cells transfusion
P. Grassi, D. Leone, C. Vassallo


The use of methylene blue in abdominal aortic surgery: a case report
E. Piraccini, V. Agnoletti, R. Corso, S. Maitan, G. Gambale


Early and prolonged ECG alterations resembling a myocardial injury after severe amitriptyline poisoning
G. Berlot, A. Vergolini, C. Calderan


A rare case of unexpected cardiac incidentaloma causing syncope
E. Collu, A. Grimaldi, S. Benussi, A. Castiglioni, E. Bignami, N. Rizzo, M. De Bonis, G. Melisurgo, G. La Canna, O. Alfieri


Coronary angiography and angioplasty in a patient with an iliac artery volvolus
I. Franzoni, F. Baratto, A. Macchi, I. Rosa, F. Buzzetti, A. Margonato


When a question becomes a nightmare: surviving the most difficult part of your presentation
M. John


Calendar for future meetings Intensive Care, Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia



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