Volume 1 - N. 1 2009

A. Zangrillo


Echocardiography in the perioperative decision making of patients with aortic stenosis
M. Oppizzi


Quality improvement in cardiac critical care
K. Lobdell, S. Camp, S. Stamou, R. Swanson, M. Reames, J. Madjarov, R. Stiegel, E. Skipper, R. Geller, B. Velardo, A. Mishra, F. Robicsek


Fluid responsiveness and right ventricular function in cardiac surgical patients. A multicenter study
M. Ranucci, A. Pazzaglia, L. Tritapepe, F. Guarracino, M. Lupo, V. Salandin, P. del Sarto, A. Condemi, R. Campodonico, G. Laudani, D. Pittarello, L. Belloni, . Ri.Ve.R. (Right Ventricle Research) Group


Institutional response to FDA warning on aprotinin and impact on outcomes
M. Swaminathan, M. Stuart, G.C. Hughes, J. Jaggers, S.E. Hill, C.A. Milano, E. Bennett-Guerrero, M. Stafford-Smith


Anomalies and variant anatomy of the aorta and the supra-aortic vessels: additional challenges met by hybrid procedures
F. Setacci, P. Sirignano, G. de Donato, E. Chisci, G. Galzerano, C. Setacci


Management of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms
R. Chiesa, E. Civilini, G. Melissano, D. Logaldo, F.M. Calliari, L. Bertoglio, A. Carozzo, R. Mennella


Hemodynamic goal-directed therapy. A review
S. Romagnoli, S.M. Romano, S. Bevilacqua, C. Lazzeri, F. Ciappi, D. Dini, C. Pratesi, G.F. Gensini


Remifentanil to treat hypertension in overweight patients during a fentanyl-based cardiac anesthesia A case series
P. Grassi, P. Amato, G. Berlot


Solving the initial problems involved in the writing of a biomedical paper for publication in a peer-review journal
M. John



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