Volume 1 - N. 4 2009

Clinical research in intensive care
L. Gattinoni


High transvalvular pressure gradients on intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography after aortic valve replacement: what does it mean?
A. Parnell, J. Swanevelder


Patients selection for awake neurosurgery
J.D. Dreier, B. Williams, D. Mangar, E.M. Camporesi


Activities of a medical emergency team twenty years after its introduction
L. Cabrini, G. Monti, G. Landoni, P. Silvani, S. Colombo, S. Morero, M. Mucci, P.C. Bergonzi, D. Mamo, A. Zangrillo


Cardiac protection by volatile anesthetics in non-cardiac surgery? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies on clinically relevant endpoints
G. Landoni, O. Fochi, E. Bignami, M.G. Calabr˛, M.C. D'Arpa, E. Moizo, A. Mizzi, F. Pappalardo, A. Morelli, A. Zangrillo


New type of left ventricular rupture during redo mitral valve replacement. A case report
S.I. Sersar, A.M. Bassiouni, A.A. Jamjoom


Multivessel coronary artery disease: atheroma progression and dynamic component
A. Cappelletti, A. Pessina, M. Mazzavillani, A. Margonato


Italian thoracic anesthesia: a prospective survey
E. Piraccini, V. Agnoletti, R. Corso, S. Maitan, G. Gambale


The right language: think English when writing your paper
M. John


Calendar for future meetings Intensive Care, Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia


List of guest reviewers



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