Volume 4 - N. 4 2012

State of the art in cardiothoracic surgery: now and the next decade
E.M. Delmo Walter, R. Hetzer


State of the art in cardiovascular perfusion: now and in the next decade
F. Merkle, B. Haupt, A. El-Essawi, R. Hetzer


Coronary artery surgery: now and in the next decade
J.C. Ennker, I.C. Ennker


Clinical results of implanted tissue engineered heart valves
P.M. Dohmen


Management of sterno-mediastinitis
I.C. Ennker, J.C. Ennker


Acute and chronic thoracic aortic disease: surgical considerations
M. Loebe, D. Ren, L. Rodriguez, S. La Francesca, J. Bismuth, A. Lumsden


Cardiovascular tissue banking in Europe
T.M.M.H. de By, R. Parker, E.M. Delmo Walter, R. Hetzer


Tricuspid valve surgery
C.A. Mestres, G. Fita, V.M. Parra, J.L. Pomar, J.M. Bernal


Is flow really continuous in last generation continuous flow Ventricular Assist Devices? A comparison between HeartMate II and HeartWare HVAD
G. Melisurgo, M. De Bonis, M. Pieri, T. Nisi, S. Silvetti, A. Zangrillo, F. Pappalardo


2012 Pandemic Flu
F.E. Ghio, C. Serini, L. Ghislanzoni, A. Calini, G. Monti, F. Pappalardo, A. Ponti


The criteria of eligibility to the extracorporeal treatment
A. Zangrillo


Wish you were here!
M. John



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